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Ticket ID Subject Status Priority Updated
5227023699603 XSS issue with plugin ”Grou Random Image”’ In Progress Major 2018-04-07
3230465139098 [Plugin SEO Ultimate] Bug when post has only one tag Resolved - CNR Critical 2018-03-15
3316657944062 Fix for paypal-pro.merchant.php to include coupons and correct tax amount Resolved - CNR Major 2018-03-15
3404144161487 Fixed notices of undefined offset Resolved - Fixed Normal 2018-03-14
3455213333183 You need to globalize $table_prefix In Progress Minor 2018-03-14
3481662877617 Differentiation of labels and values using the pipe is broken Resolved - CNR Major 2018-03-14
3500093401728 Localization of Currency Symbols to Database In Progress Minor 2018-03-14
3571486236597 Exclude id not working. Resolved - Incomplete Minor 2018-03-14
3732658617189 Sharedaddy ”Only show once” makes not showing icons’ In Progress Critical 2018-03-13
3815996820378 Paged Comment Editing : Comment Counter related. Resolved - CNR Critical 2018-03-13