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Dr Hilary gives suspect advice on sleeping in bra after Lorraine backlash Lorraine reacted to the impression over her admission on today show and asked Dr Hilary if she was said: on the program I made a very innocent remark to Coleen Nolan. We were dealing with bras. 24 hours on and people are still referfing to this. It was just a throwaway remark. Presenter joined Dr Hilary and fashion expert Mark Heyes to go over the topical issue. Lorraine pronounced: I stick my bra on, But obviously if I slept in it instantaneous I change it every day. surely I do. There anything wrong with sleeping in your bra? Am I bizarre? Show resident medic revealed i know of no benefit or disadvantage. Dr Hilary identified: Is nothing to suggest there is any medical benefit or shortcoming. imagine having why some women, For and also, Would keep a bra on at night but there is no other reason. You are located, There is a gravitational pull and things can go south but if you are in bed, You are horizontal there's should be happening. Lorraine wasn very determined, incorporating: Just don like being all flexible. Expert Mark Heyes then weighed in by confessing he doesn wear all in bed. Dr Hilary agreed: power, I don understand people who decide what to wear to go to bed is that all about? Lorraine said: Are funny because of this. Boys like being undressed. I like to have my nightie on. She included: boobs] Are not bad for a lady charmdate scam of my age. I think working out in a bra has kept them perky. comes after Lorraine announced that she doesn take her bra off in bed. Lorraine had to talk about: Aghast because I keep my bra on all of the time. I even sleep by using. I didn realise which had been weird. Said that this morning and everyone went What are you referencing? Her chest, Lorraine persistent: Don feel right when i take my bra off. It feels weird. Lorraine viewers took to Twitter to give their opinions on the bra a hot debate. One audience said: I honestly don know how they even make a bra in bed, I can wait to take mine off at bedtime no I can sleep with my bra it distressing lorraine, Added an additional. A third agreed: Over to lorraine and they are discussing quite news, flashing a bra in bed! is found in large item to throw at TV. This is cached page on VietNam breaching News.

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